Our school was founded in 2010.

The head of our school is Alice Roberts

We serve students in 7-12 grades.

We embrace children of all learning abilities.

Goal is to help each student learn by the method that works best for him/her, be successful in school, graduate and attend the college or school of his/her choice.



At The Roberts Academy we understand that all children do not learn alike. The public schools are not equipped to work with students who need freedom to move about the classroom, who need to interact in learning rather than listen to a lecture, or need more attention in one area or another.



For the past seven years we have been helping students succeed in school. We have been able to help each student identify how he/she learns best, we work with students’ individual differences and create a happy, successful school experience for students



From Personal World to Communication Arts to Mathematics and everything in between, we employ a well-rounded education that serves as college prep for your child.



The Roberts Academy welcomes you to visit us and learn more about the exciting services that we offer students. Contact us to learn more about us and setup a time to visit.