On most Fridays The Roberts Academy moves its school to Hillcrest Mable Rose in Bellevue, NE. Residents become part of the classroom as students have their community meeting, tests, activities, games, … etc. Relationships between residents with mild dementia and the students have become important to both. One week students, after finishing their tests and quizzes, made holiday greeting cards with residents. Another week, as all of the students were studying DNA during the week, residents and students, in small mixed groups, made candy models of DNA, and had to explain the make up of the ladder of life.

Our staff is working with Dr. Cameron Camp, who has done extensive research with dementia patients using Montessori methods and materials. Check out Dr. Camp’s website to see some of the work that has been done, as well as where his research is headed.

Link to Dr. Camp’s website: http://cen4ard.com/

Moving the school, every Friday, is a major commitment. The ongoing and meaningful relationships developed between students and assisted living residents with some form of dementia is beneficial to both.



At The Roberts Academy we understand that all children do not learn alike. The public schools are not equipped to work with students who need freedom to move about the classroom, who need to interact in learning rather than listen to a lecture, or need more attention in one area or another.



For the past seven years we have been helping students succeed in school. We have been able to help each student identify how he/she learns best, we work with students’ individual differences and create a happy, successful school experience for students



From Personal World to Communication Arts to Mathematics and everything in between, we employ a well-rounded education that serves as college prep for your child.



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