The Roberts Academy uses the Montessori method and an intergenerational approach to learning. The students have an individual learning plan that meets their educational goals. Students complete projects based on their interests. Allowing students experience with the world of work and internships also makes for student centered learning.

Our teachers are called guides. These individuals are the guides on the side rather than the sage on the. They are certified by the state and are certified by the American Montessori Society for working specifically with adolescents. This nontraditional approach hinges on the dedication to certification through the American Montessori Society teacher training. These guides are trained to assist your student in taking control of their learning and learning how they learn best.

Jr and Sr high school is a time where students explore the world and try to determine their place in it. The Roberts Academy assists students in learning real life skills and leadership through opportunities with entrepreneurship and community-based projects.

Students who experience learning differences deserve an education that is engaging, rigorous, and teaches skills that the student will need in high school and beyond. We think students should be able to enjoy learning and the school community.The low student teacher ratio of 1 to 5 means that guides and students will be able to develop a trusting relationship that fosters success.

The Montessori method is one of two educational curriculums that helps to improve executive function. Challenges with executive function are often what causes issues for students and adults with learning differences. These include inability to plan, task initiation, and impulse control (Diamond & Lee, 2011).